Whole World Cafe: GOOD

Whole World Cafe: GOOD

Saturday we headed to The Whole World Cafe, and what do you know it was actually open this time? We were a bit previous on our other two visits. It's a nice place, not sure they're quite up to speed yet, but salads and coffee and juice were good, and it's nice decor and atmosphere.

That's what I wrote on the blog, should I go into more detail here? The decor of the place is really nice, all light wood and the ubiquitious art for sale on the wall. Somehow I didn't realise it's in the space left by the old Wishing Well tea rooms, and they've made a feature of the old wishing well, by putting a really cool window in the floor.

The coffee is great, and so are the complementary biscuits (Escondido, this is the one lesson you have still to learn, we need biscuits or chocolates with the coffee, not just boiled sweets with the bill...).

The juice was freshly squeezed, though it was made with a juicer like this, which doesn't seem the most efficient way. We have one of those, and you'd have to peel the oranges first and then cut it up into chunks before you can put it in. It tastes fine, but we want this place to survive, so we want it to profit, but we don't want them to have to put their prices up.

Salads were good, we had a mix of past and pesto, and lentils and all sorts, good stuff. The menu did seem a bit limited though, I hope that's down to them being new, what they want is to have a big cauldron of chilli on the go all the time, that's what I'd do.

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Mon Apr 16 2007

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